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MetaProducts Offline Explorer Enterprise v6.9.4144

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MetaProducts Offline Explorer Enterprise v6.9.4144
MetaProducts Offline Explorer Enterprise v6.9.4144 英文正式版(網站抓取軟體)

Offline Explorer Enterprise是一款不錯的網站抓取工具,可以提供目標網站的MAP,可更清楚整
Using Offline Explorer Enterprise, you can download an
unlimited number of your favorite Web, FTP, HTTPS, MMS, PNM
and RTSP sites for later offline viewing, editing or
browsing. Offline Explorer Enterprise is the most
sophisticated offline browser that also has many web
development features to easily edit, view, browse or search
your downloaded Web pages using its built-in browser.

Offline Explorer Enterprise combines the usability of Offli
Explorer with the power of Offline Explorer Pro and adds:

The ability to download up to 100 million URLs per Project;
An OLE Automation interface to enable control from other
The ability to update Projects with deleted files;
Internal Proxy server to access downloaded sites
transparently in your browser;
Generation of Google SiteMap files.
Offline Explorer Enterprise is an ideal product for compani
that want to have their own offline browsing solutions. We
put all our experience - since January 1997 - in offline
browsing into it.

Save Time

With its ability to download up to 500 files simultaneously
Offline Explorer lets you quickly and easily move Internet
data to your hard drive. Browsing from your hard disk is mu
faster than from the Internet, even if you have a cable

Save Connect Charges

With Offline Explorer, you can download the web site you wa
during off-peak hours, when throughput is fastest. And you
can browse it offline, when you're not connected to the
Internet at all.

Save Aggravation

Offline Explorer decreases psychological wear and tear by
making web sites available when you need them, even if the
Internet is slow, or the target web site is unavailable. By
putting important web sites on your hard drive, you've
restored certainty and control to your surfing.

Be Portable

Offline Explorer lets you take the web site with you when y
travel with your laptop computer. When the flight attendant
ask everybody to disconnect from the Internet, you still ha
your web sites on your hard drive.

Save Yesterday's Web Sites for Tomorrow's Use

Many web sites change rapidly, and it is hard to find
information that was there just days earlier. With Offline
Explorer, you can make an archive of files that interest yo
and access them at any time, even if the original web site
longer exists.

Save Streaming Audio & Video

There are lots of audio and video streams available, but yo
can't save them to your disk within your browser, Media
Player or Real Player. Offline Explorer Pro can do this for
you. Simply give it RTSP:// or MMS:// URL and watch the fil
from your hard disk. You can also download the file with th
highest possible quality even on a slow modem Internet

Share Downloaded Files

Offline Explorer's powerful export feature allows you to
share downloaded files with other people, transfer them to
other computers, or even burn CD's with your downloaded web
sites. There is even an option to make Autorun CD's, so whe
you insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive, your computer will
open the downloaded web site automatically. This allows you
to show web sites to friends and colleagues, without Intern
connections and without having Offline Explorer installed o
their computers. Best of all, these web sites can be viewed
on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers.

Monitor Web Sites

Thanks to Offline Explorer's powerful scheduling feature, y
can automatically monitor web sites, and download changed
information. Offline Explorer also includes a unique Schedu
Manager that gives you an easy, visual way to create your
schedule. Just use drag-and-drop to assign a time to check
the web site to any downloading project. To automate tasks
even more effectively, Offline Explorer Pro edition has the
ability to use macros that will download different URL's
according to the date, time, weekday, month or year. You ca
also set up Offline Explorer to dial the Internet when
necessary, and hang up the connection, exit itself, or shut
down the computer once all downloads are complete.

Share Downloaded Web Sites on an Intranet without
Transferring Them

If you have an Intranet, you can easily share downloaded we
sites with your colleagues, without the need to transfer
files. Offline Explorer has an internal web server that
allows you to browse downloaded sites on other computers.

Update Your Web Site Locally

With Offline Explorer, you can download an entire web site,
edit it quickly on your hard drive, and load it back to the

Mine your Data

Offline Explorer Pro edition makes it easy to analyze and
post-process (data mine) any downloaded web site. Offline
Explorer Pro can pass downloaded web sites to the powerful
TextPipe tool that will extract or change the desired data,
or even pump it to a database.

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