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Projects Videohive Wedding Package for After Effects

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Projects Videohive Wedding Package for After Effects
Projects Videohive Wedding Package for After Effects 英文合輯版(婚禮系列集合包軟體)(DVD版)


Videohive Wedding Projects Pack 的婚禮視頻模板,以After Effects 為主,包括工程文件,腳本,模板等等。

你只需要添加圖像 /視頻 /編輯文本AE炫麗工程文件是學習和使用AE??最好的資源,對後期製作專業人士有極大的幫助作用。
Name:Wedding Projects Pack
Type: Projects, Wedding
File Size:1.65 Gb
Projects included:

Happy Wedding 視頻預覽

This is my latest project. This is perfect for your 「Wedding Movie」
Openers. You just add your images/videos and edit text and its ready for
render. Hope you find it useful.

Main features are:

■CS4 , CS5 compatible.
■No plugin required.
■HD resolution 1280×720
■11 placeholders
■0:44 minutes long
■Instructions file included.

La Vie en Rose - Wedding template視頻預覽

「La vie en Rose」 is a marriage / Valentine』s template. A romantic
atmosphere filled with rose petals and soothing feelings! Great for sauna,
massage, health & beauty treatment centers & spa resorts!

* 9 Images/videos Placeholders (Very easy to replace!)
* 10 texts (Link to download font is provided)
* Pdf help file & video tutorial
* No external plugins needed to render this file (Works even with the demo
version of After Effects)
* Rapid rendering

Wedding Particles Words視頻預覽

Wedding Particles Words CS4 project file can be used for a movie wedding
intro, or simply to display your pictures and video if you re photographer or
videographer.This is a CS4 file and can be open with CS5 too.4 color project,
as you will see at the end of the video preview The file use your medias as
particles, element are in 3D space, control for lights and reflections
property the are on the main timeline. Basic PDF help show how to replace
media, video help will go through the steps for add more images, and titles.
No third Party plugins, Cycore FX required. Images, and sound are NOT
included in the file. Full HD, 1920×1080,24 fps,2.42 min,10 place holder

Wedding Flowers CS4視頻預覽

Wedding Flowers is an image video gallery with a total of 17 place holders,
and 12 animated flower elements ready to use in other projects.(the flowers
element are in a project a part so you can import in future projects).

The Project fas been realized with customization in mind, in the main comp
you can adjust value like BG color, picture frame color, opacity,size,light
color, and more.

Custom particles are provide in the project ready to use by switching on/
off layer and decide the shape of particle text transitions,and the
overhaul particles.

Frame for landscape or vertical aspect ratio of picture are provide if you
want to insert different orientation pictures.

4 short tutorials explain how to change text, replace image, customize the
scene and elements,and finally add more place holders.

The script Expression Universalizer has been applied on this file, so you
shouldn』t receive any error due to expression when you open in a non english
version of AE.

The native format is 1080p, 29,97 FPS , Square pixels.

Wedding Slideshow v2.0視頻預覽

Version 2.0 is finally here! This new and improved version of wedding
slideshow is a great way to show off engagement pictures, wedding pictures,
or even just to show someone how much you care about them. This elegant
slideshow is just over 10 Minutes in length and has over 100 Placeholders.
Included is an integrated DVD /Blu-ray Menu. Both Standard Definition and
High Definition versions of Wedding Slideshow v2.0 are included for
creating DVD 』s or Blu-rays. Over 1Hr of HD video Tutorials are included and
provide the quickest and easiest way to edit and import your pictures . The
tutorials are recorded in .mp4 format to ensure High Quality. Pictures and
Music in the preview video are not included if you would like to purchase the
music they are listed below. This video Makes a perfect wedding gift.

Wedding Moment視頻預覽

Make your moment eternal, with this smooth and elegant project.

? 1:55 min of After Effects CS4 / CS5 animation in Full HD ( 1920 X 1080 px

? 27 placeholders for your photos and videos.

? The project was created in modular structure in 20 independent scenes.

? Complete helpful instructions. Very easy to use! ( File with comments and
tips )

? 5 resolutions options pre defined, ready to render! *FULL HD ( 1920 X
1080 ) *HD ( 1280×720 ) *DV NTSC Widescreen ( 720×480 ) *DV PAL
Widescreen ( 720×576 ) *Half Size ( 960×540 )

? No Plugins needed, however Cycore plugins that comes with the After
Effects, must be installed. If you haven』t, just turn off the layer
responsible for making little spheres particles. Flares was made with the
VideoCopilot Optical Flares plugin, however the file comes with pre
rendered version and original plugin version, if you need change anything.

? The original photos used in preview are not included. Can be easily
replaced by yours.

Zip Contains
? Wedding_Moment_VC_plugin.aep ( VideoCopilot Optical Flares plugin )
? Wedding_Moment_Pre_Rendered.aep ( Pre Rendered version )
? PDF Help file
? 27 generic JPGs / 2 assets files
? 1 Mov with pre-rendered flares

Weddings Particles視頻預覽

Wedding Particles,is a CS4 + After Effect file where you can display 10 media
place holders.Manage the scene from 2 layer where you can adjust the BG
color, 3D lights,shadows,and more.Particle transition comp, helps to manage
the timing and the order as you want.Full HD 1920×1080 native Main comp,
standard CS4 effect, no third party plug-ins, (You will need the Cycore
effects).Video Help on how to customize the file, is included. image are
not included.In the zip, you will also find a red and blue comp ready to
render.More info and help in the customization soon.

Wedding ScrapBook視頻預覽

This Wedding Slide Show is entirely made in after effects and use his
standard tools.The media size is 900×506, BTW in the preview i used 640×360
images and footage scaled up with a 15 value of sharpen.So if for some reason
you need to scale up the images, remember that the subtle texture applied
to the media will help to sell the picture.The main comp is 1920×1080, 24
fps.All elements can be changed,time can be modified too. The zip file do not
include the images.A pdf introduction on the customization is included. A
Black and White project are included using the same media. I hope you will
find this file helpful for you wedding video intro

Size:1.65 GB
Info Hash:370317ba985d866b98c497157badc38851b29562
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