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Soft-Evolution Pimero Pro 2010 R4 v5.4.3922

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Soft-Evolution Pimero Pro 2010 R4 v5.4.3922
Soft-Evolution Pimero Pro 2010 R4 v5.4.3922 英文正式版(約會日曆和聯繫人列表管理軟體)

Soft-Evolution Pimero Pro是一款方便的約會日曆和聯繫人列表管理軟體。
Manage your appointments with the scheduler. It offers a
wide variety of functions, from categorization, grouping
and filtering to calendar sharing with other Pimero users.

Send and receive emails directly within Pimero. The email
module includes everything you need.

With the integrated Serial Mailer it's easy to send a
personalized email to your contacts. Choose from more than
30 predefined placeholders (name, gender, street, etc.)
which are filled automatically with the appropriate contact

If you don't need all the fields, just hide them from view.
Every contact pane has extended sort, filter and group
features built in. You're free to adapt the table layout so
that it fits your needs perfectly.

Create tasks for you and your co-workers. Set deadlines and
additional parameters like location, category and
priorities. The task list is, as every other list in
Pimero, sortable and filterable.

You can use Pimero in single user mode or with other users
within a network. When Pimero runs in Network Mode all data
(appointments, contacts, tasks, notes) is synchronized
between every participating Pimero user. The integrated
permission manager allows users to set individual
permissions to grant access and ensure privacy.

Pimero stores all of the data encrypted on your local
computer. As a result, you can continue working and access
all the data you need on the go - even when you aren't
connected to your network! New entries will be synched with
all the other Pimero users once you reconnect to the Pimero

Pimero allows you to share your information with other
Pimero users. Take a look on your coworkers' appointments.
Create tasks for multiple users at once. Sort and filter
with enhanced criteria. Set individual or group
permissions. These are just a few examples of what you can
do with Pimero.

With the integrated Instant Messenger you can talk to other
Pimero users.
All messages are transferred internally - you don't need an
account with one of the known Instant Messenger services.

See upcoming appointments, tasks and birthdays on a single

Don't have a running Pimero at hand? No problem - Take a
look on your Pimero data with a browser. Just open the
Pimero Web Interface and log in.

We've designed the iPimero module for mobile devices. This
means fast loading and intuitive access via the smartphone

All you need is a phone with an integrated browser (e.g.
iPhone or Google G1/G2). Start the browser, enter the
iPimero URL, login and manage all your personal Pimero data
like appointments, tasks, notes and contacts.

System requirements:
Webserver (IIS oder Apache) with PHP5 and Interbase Module

Are you a minimalist? Then you should switch to the Pimero
QuickView. The QuickView offers easy and fast access to all
your data in a small, dockable window. Of course, you can
switch to the full size window and back whenever you want.

You can differentiate items with your own created
categories. You can specify an individual name, icon and
color for every category. All categories are synched with
other Pimero users within your network.

With the new RSS news feed reader you're able to receive
and display RSS feeds. The automatic update function looks
for new news regularly and displays them in the newsfeed

Pimero realizes automatically when Skype is installed on
your computer. With just a click, you're able to call your

Have you ever forgotten a birthday?
If you have, we promise this won't happen again. A single
click creates a birthday appointment for your contact and
adds it to your scheduler.

With the integrated journal you can display appointments
for each contact.
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